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Warrant Symbol - PLI.WT.A
Number  Trading - 800,000
Expiration Date - January 6 1992
Cusip - 69341D 11 2

Warrants called to trade news:
1991-07-04 16:33 MT - SMF Date Price Fixed
Effective date:  July 5 1991
Offering:  800,000 units, each unit consisting of one share and one warrant
Price:  $4.46 per unit

Wt exercise price:  $4.51 per share to January 6 1992
Agents' wt:  200,000
Agents' wt price:  $4.51 to January 6 1992
Transfer agent:  Montreal Trust
Wt trading symbol:  PLI.WT.A
Wt security No:  908843
Wt Cusip No:  69341D 11 2
Unit security No:  864615

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