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Warrant Symbol - MIN.WT
Number  Trading -
Expiration Date - March 31 1995
Cusip - G6144R 11 5

Warrants called to trade news:
1994-07-27 16:34 MT - New Listing
Also Miscellaneous (MIN) Minprotech Mining Ltd

The ASE has received notification that the separation date for the Minprotech Mining Ltd units has been fixed at July 29 1994.
The ordinary shares and series A warrants will be posted for trading on the ASE the opening August 2 1994.
Stock symbol:  MIN
Security code:  ISM-444 372; WCCC-444 220
Cusip No:  G6144R 10 7
Transfer agent:  The R-M Trust Company
Stock symbol:  MIN.WT
Security code:  ISM-902 889; WCCC-902 910
Cusip No:  G6144R 11 5
Wt exercise price:  $0.65 until 4:30 pm Calgary time September 30 1994; $1.00 until 4:30 pm Calgary time on the exiry date
Wt expiry date:  4:30 pm Calgary time March 31 1995
Cash trading date:  March 25 1995
Transfer agent:  The R-M Trust Company


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