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Warrant Symbol - KDC.WT
Number  Trading - 13,533,333
Expiration Date -
Cusip - Q5297N 11 C

Warrants called to trade news:

1995-10-30 16:56 MT - New Listing
Effective at the opening November 1 1995 the common shares and share purchase warrants of the company will be posted and called for trading on the VSE. The shares and warrants are listed on the Australian stock exchange.
Jurisdiction:  Western Australia
Capitalization:  250,000,000 shares with no par value of which 34,100,005 shares are outstanding

Escrow:  6,000,000
Transfer agent:  Montreal Trust
Trading symbol:  KDC
Security No:  373990
Cusip No:  Q5297N 10 2

Wt capitalization:  No limit share purchase warrants authorized, 13,533,333 issued
Wt trading symbol:  KDC.WT
Wt security No:  899150
Wt Cusip No:  Q5297N 11 C

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