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Warrant Symbol - JFS.WT.A
Number  Trading - 1,200,000
Expiration Date - August 30 1988
Cusip - 47930C 11 7

Warrants called to trade news:
1988-03-04 15:50 MT - Cease Trade Company Rescinded

A cease trade order issued March 19 1986 and extended on April 3 1986 has been revoked as at March 7 1988.
Effective at the opening March 7 1988, the common shares will commence trading and 1,200,000 series A share purchase warrants will be posted and called for trading.
Four warrants are required to purchase one share of the company at $0.58 per share on or before August 30 1988.
Trading symbol:  JFS.WT.A
Wt Security No:  898632
Wt Cusip No:  47930C 11 7
Unit Security No:  859632


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