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Warrant Symbol - IU.WT.S
Number  Trading - 4,672,985
Expiration Date -
Cusip - 13663Y 11 4

Warrants called to trade news:
Canadian Splitshare change of provisions

2000-03-10 11:32 MT - Miscellaneous
TSE Bulletin 2000-0315
The exchange has been advised that the following adjustments have been made to the terms of the dividend capital receipts (symbol: IU.P) of Canadian Splitshare derived from Toronto 35 Index Participating units as a consequence of the merger completed on March 6, 2000, of the Toronto 35 Index Participation Fund with the iUnits S&P/TSE 60 Index Participation Fund:

a) the number of outstanding dividend capital receipts was reduced from 5,100,755 to 4,672,985, representing a consolidation of each outstanding dividend capital receipt on a 1-for-0.9161361 basis;
b) the maximum receipt maturity value was increased from $30 to $32.84; and
c) the quarterly administration fee was increased from 0.5 cent to 0.55 cent per quarter.

Holders may receive fractional interests in dividend capital receipts as a consequence of the adjustments set out above. Such holders should consult their investment advisors respecting their disposition. Refer to exchange bulletins 2000-0250 dated Feb. 28, 2000, and 2000-0294 dated March 7, 2000, for details of the merger and refer to exchange bulletins 2000-0271 dated March 2, 2000, 2000-0282 dated March 3, 2000, 2000-0288 dated March 6, 2000, and 2000-0296 dated March 7, 2000, for details of the change of name, stock symbol and cusip number of the TIPs dividend capital receipts to Canadian Splitshare Corporation -- dividend capital receipts. The initial exchange bulletin describing the TIPs dividend capital receipts is bulletin 95-1416 dated Dec. 28, 1995.

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