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Warrant Symbol - CQ.WT.G
Number  Trading - 3,000,000
Expiration Date -
Cusip - 13850T 11 4

Warrants called to trade news:
1994-09-19 15:49 MT - EOP Conditional Listing
Effective date:  September 15 1994
Expiry date:  March 14 1995
Offering date:  Tba
Trade date:  Tba
Offering:  1,500,000 non flow-through units and 1,500,000 flow-through units, each unit consisting of one class A share and one series G warrant; with two warrants required to purchase one non flow-through share for one year from offering date at $0.50 per share
Price:  $0.50 per non flow-through unit; $0.60 per flow-through unit
Agents:  Canaccord Capital
Agent's Wt:  750,000 series G warrants to purchase 750,000 class A shares
Wt exercise price:  $0.50
Wt expiry date:  One year from trade date
Greenshoe:  The lesser of 15% or the actual number of shares subscribed for by way of over-subscription
Directors:  Tba
Trading symbol:  CQ
Security No:  144581
Cusip No:  13805T 10 6
Wt symbol:  CQ.WT.G
Wt security No:  Tba
Wt Cusip No:  13850T 11 4


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