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Warrant Symbol - ALT.WT
Number  Trading -
Expiration Date - July 29 1996
Cusip - 00162H 11 4

Warrants called to trade news:
1994-10-04 15:27 MT - EOP Completed
Effective date:  July 29 1994
Expiry date:  September 27 1994
Offering date:  October 3 1994
Trade date:  October 5 1994
Offering:  1,400,000 units on a best efforts basis
Price:  $3.25
Agents:  Marleau Lemire Securities
Agents Wt:  For 700,000 shares
Wt exercise price:  $3.25 the first year; $3.75 the second year
Wt expiry date:  July 29 1996

Greenshoe:  The lesser of 15% or the actual number of shares subscribed for by way of oversubscription

Directors:  G.J. Peet, D.A. Chauvel, C.J. Hanna, P.A. von Bodegom, L.E. Grenier, V.P. Lee

Trading symbol:  ALT
Security No:  000517
Cusip No:  00162H 10 6

Wt symbol:  ALT.WT
Wt security No:  873100
Wt Cusip No:  00162H 11 4
Unit security No:  840012

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