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Name - Vistra Energy Corp
Website - https://www.vistraenergy.com/
Symbol - VST.WS
Cusip Number - 92840M 12 8
Expiry Date - February 2, 2024
Exercise Price -

News Releases
and SEC filings

The Warrants, which have been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (the "NYSE") under the ticker symbol "DYN.WS.A", will continue to be listed on the NYSE under the new ticker symbol "VST.WS.A". The Company expects trading on the NYSE under the new ticker symbol to begin on or about the Closing Date.

“Warrants”), each of which, prior to the
Merger Effective Time, entitled the holder thereof to purchase one share of Dynegy Common Stock at an exercise price of $35.00 per share, and, as a result of
the Merger and such assumption, the right to settlement of each Warrant into Dynegy Common Stock was changed into a right to receive, upon the exercise
thereof, the equity securities to which the holder of the number of shares of Dynegy Common Stock then deliverable upon the exercise of conversion of such
Warrant would have been entitled to receive upon the consummation of the Merger

As of the Merger Effective Time, each outstanding Dynegy stock option was automatically converted into an option to purchase shares of Vistra Energy Common Stock, on the same terms and conditions that were applicable under such Dynegy stock option immediately prior to the Merger Effective Time (including any accelerated vesting provisions), equal to the product of (A) the total number of shares of Dynegy Common Stock subject to such Dynegy stock option and (B) the Exchange Ratio, rounded down to the nearest whole number of shares of Vistra Energy Common Stock. The per-share exercise price of each converted Vistra Energy stock option is equal to the quotient determined by dividing (1) the exercise price per share applicable to the Dynegy stock option by (2) the Exchange Ratio, rounded up to the nearest whole cent.


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